Kavel Rafferty: Unbroken

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Unbroken is Kavel’s first fine art craft project.

The installation is accompanied by a specially chosen soundtrack of love and longing.

Liddicoat & Goldhill Project Space celebrates the festive season with an opulent exhibition of ceramics by Kavel Rafferty. These decorative tondos – each unique and finished with rich gold luster – are available to purchase separately, as wall plates, making charming Christmas gifts – but before they are wrapped and sent out into the world as tokens of love between individuals – they are displayed as a collective jewel-like installation and a rumination on healing the heart: Unbroken.

Glazed and over-glazed vintage plates, fired and fired again, layer-upon-layer of pattern and texture, worked on until a resolution is reached. To Kavel these objects, and the processes they undergo, have a simple metaphorical meaning – each plate is an individual, each plate is a heart – the heart is fragile, but the heart is strong. A heart may be damaged and scarred, but it can be healed; Kavel’s practice is restorative and therapeutic. Embracing serendipity, she collects broken, faded, odd, vintage, old and discarded plates, from charity shops, flea-markets and skips, and then mends and redecorates them with sympathy for the original pattern. Her practice employs the Kintsugi method of gilding a repair; this relates to the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, embracing of the flawed – treating breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise.

Kavel spends time and takes great care with the damaged plates; a meditative exercise whilst mending her own broken heart. It’s a lengthy process, the consideration, the glaze application, the firing, the waiting. In our throw-away times, these plates are a lesson in patience, and a celebration of the unpredictable, intuitive and uncontrollable. Technically alot is left to chance – chemistry/alchemy – this is always an element when mixing glazes; it is uncertain every time if the original pattern will survive a firing; each stage is an evolution; what is created is celebratory.

About Kavel Rafferty

Kavel Rafferty is an illustrator and artist, Margate-based. She studied textile design at Worthing College and is self-taught as an illustrator. Kavel’s work has been published worldwide, and includes print and electronic media, magazine illustration, map and book design. Her approach combines found-imagery, textures, print and paint – alongside hand drawn elements – to create unique works of emotional resonance and eloquent charm.

Kavel’s inspirations – rare old soul 45s, flea markets, vintage shop signs, paraphernalia and typography – combine in her distinctive bittersweet nostalgic style. For many years Kavel lived in Sweden and Spain; she returned to live in the UK three years ago and has settled on the Kent coast. Since moving to Thanet, Kavel has immersed herself in the art and design scene, most recently setting up the Caravan Margate collaborative group, who show and sell work together in empty shops in the town..

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Private View
Friday 14th December, 5-7pm

Exhibition Dates
15th December - 23rd December 2018

Wednesday-Saturday 11-3
or by appointment, plus opening for tours and evening events

Liddicoat & Goldhill Project Space Studio 1
The Printworks
Union Row