#3 Adam James: Larp residency 1.0


A larp weekend at Liddicoat & Goldhill Project Space - two separate larps. 


What is Larp?

Larp is originally an acronym for Live Action Role Playing, but today it’s used as name in itself. It refers to an interactive activity where people immerse themselves in fictional worlds to experience how others might live. Larps are played by groups of two or more people facilitated by a games master, in this case Adam James, whose role is to ensure the players feel safe, understand the rules, roles and fiction within the larp.

Nordic Larp is a school of larp design originating in the Nordic countries and is one which values immersion, collaboration and artistic vision. This larp event is of the Nordic school.

No experience of larp necessary to take part. Play is suited to all levels of physicality, but if you have any specific needs please contact Liddicoat & Goldhill Project Space in advance. Please dress in clothes you are comfortable to move around it.

  • Sound of Us - Saturday 30th June 14:00-18:00

Have you ever dreamt of joining a band? Have you taken stock of your values amidst all that is happening in the world today?

This larp is set in a nightclub late at night, a clandestine band gets ready to jam. The instruments they use are their bodies, voices and tools. Their power set up is clear but complex. Until something happens that tests the team spirit…

Sound of Us by Victor Esses, Indrė Gardauskaitė and Mary-Jo Gilligan, was developed in Larporatory 2016 in Vilnius, Lithuania.  It was presented at Tallin Larp Festival, Estonia and The Smoke, London. It will be run on this occasion by Adam James and Victor Esses.

People of any or no musical background are encouraged to take part.  No prior larp experience necessary.

Book: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/sound-of-us-larp-in-margate-tickets-46890850797

  • Linda’s Birthday Party - Sunday 1st July 14:00-18:00

Linda is six years old and you are invited to her birthday party.

This is a simple game where the players get a chance to meet their inner-child again and eat as much cake as they want. Expect oversized coke bottles, giant sweets, balloons, children’s disco, presents and probable tantrums.

Please dress as a your best or worst inner child. No prior larp experience necessary.

Linda’s Birthday Party was designed by Kaia Aardal, Mona Liland Aabel and Grethe Strand; it will be run by Adam James. This larp was first played at the annual Nordic Larp convention Knutepunkt in 2009, then at the Larp Factory in Oslo as well as other runs in Norway.

About the Artist

Adam James (b. 1978) is a British artist. At the heart of his practice is a desire to bring people together in order to understand the self and to open up new ways of being and interacting. He uses non-verbal play to encourage forms of dialogue, mediation and the reconsideration of sameness and difference. James makes sculptural objects, drawings, photographs, videos and texts that all arise from his steadfast involvement in the performative practice of live action role play (larp). James’ focus is on the experimental style of Nordic larp. This is a particular tradition of larp that is understood as a progressive and creative form of interactive role-play and mode for storytelling. At its basic formation, the participants assume roles and characters within a set fiction—to enact an incredibly diverse range of ideas and subjects—with the goal of creating thematic coherence, immersion and collaboration. Within his practice, James positions the larp as a tool to trigger, on a micro level, future possibilities, new forms of collaborative democracy and the temporary dismantling of hierarchies.

Victor Esses is a London-based theatre and performance maker. His varied vocabulary encompasses theatre, live art, games, larp, music and poetry. He is interested in participation, storytelling and multimedia as a way to investigate ideas of belonging, human connection, and how we relate to our times. His practice is concerned with discovering ways of imagining and creating a better future, both as an individual and within the collective, be that society as a whole or specific communities.

He is associate artist to CASA Theatre Festival and a programmer for Landor Space. He has been nominated for an International Press Award, shortlisted for the Emerge Performance Prize 2018 and has assisted maverick international director Gerald Thomas.

Performance/Maker work includes: Where to Belong (Rich Mix, Southwark Playhouse), Dis Place (CPT, Arts Admin, Latitude Festival), Codependently Yours (Arcola Theatre Lab, Deptford X Festival, Albany Theatre). Performing includes: Tunguska Event - History Marches on a Table (Whitechapel Gallery) and Faraway, So Close (Old Fire Station). Directing includes: Tapped Out! (Tristan Bates), Repast II (Theatre 503), The Last Days of Gilda (Arcola Theatre), The Assault (Old Red Lion), Mona & I (Cervantes).








Saturday 30th June

Sunday 1st July 2018


Liddicoat & Goldhill Project Space Studio 1
The Printworks
1a Union Row