Lana Locke: Material, Social, Tidal____Drift


Liddicoat & Goldhill Project Space exhibition showcases Lana Locke: Material, Social, Tidal____Drift. A new installation for the space. 

Lana Locke has created a new installation, Material, Social, Tidal____Drift, in Liddicoat & Goldhill Project Space, responding to Margate’s social and geographical landscape. The work incorporates a conglomeration of objects, drifting in through the door of the gallery, collecting in a wedge against the furthest wall and floor. Materially straddling treasure and trash, the objects appear as leftovers, beach detritus washed ashore – yet they also resist this passive status. Vessels float amidst paint-dripped papers and fabrics. Disused pairs of hole-ridden pants form plumped-up sailing boats. Salt dough mounds dry into islands of imprinted flesh, and small clay sculptures rise up as ‘creatures’ with lives of their own.

The drift that the installation creates invites the viewer to consider a social movement, arising not from the sea but from inland. The ambiguous status of the art objects may then reflect that of many artists drawn to Margate. In the current post-Brexit referendum climate, London continues to spit creatives out of its centre, and casts them to England’s outsides. Notably blown ever-eastwards, to ‘Shoreditch-on-Sea’, but stopping short of a distant, rejected Europe. Margate is no longer a hinterland. The relative affordability of housing and studio space, and the growing art scene here, including new exhibition spaces such as ours, represent an edge onto which artists might cling – on which Locke’s art objects sit as the waters ebb and flow. Conversely, a tidal movement, driven by community, arises here to actively decentre and dislodge contemporary art from the capital.

What tension does this drift create? As it builds, as it erodes. For Locke this movement, between one place and another, evokes the ‘feral’, which queries distinctions between what, or who, belongs where. Does the drift only collect in enclosed white spaces (with all that implies), for its contents to be examined for value or waste? Or can it connect to the town and landscape beyond, to open up new possibilities?

About the Artist

LANA LOCKE is an artist working with installation, sculpture, video and performance. She has recently completed her practice-based PhD on The Feral, the Art Object and the Social at Chelsea College of Arts, London, where she also studied her MA (2012) and Postgraduate Diploma (2010), both in Fine Art. She has exhibited regularly in the UK, including at the ICA, the Royal Academy, Block 336, Dolph Projects, and APT galleries in London; the Bluecoat, Liverpool; and Spike Island, Bristol. She lives and works in Woolwich, South East London.


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Private View
Friday 11th May

Lana In Conversation
Saturday 23rd June

Exhibition Dates
Saturday 12th May –
Saturday 23rd June 2018

Wednesday - Saturday 11-3pm
or by appointment.

Liddicoat & Goldhill Project Space
Studio 1, Printworks
1A Union Row,